Weekly Post: Oct. 3rd-7th


Last week many of you looked at NumberTalks and we went into a couple of classrooms to try it out. There was lots of great thinking going on and so many creative ideas. We all hope to continue building on that. Please try and do 3 of these a week in your class so we can get some really good evidence for our PD Day in November. Everyone is very interested to see where this math thinking is going to take up.

In the principal;s Update I received on Friday there were many learning opportunities for staff. Please take a look below and see if there is anything that you are interested in.

Items of Interest:

  • GAFE Conference: Once again Ottawa will be hosting a Google Apps For Education (GAFE) based education conference. It will again take place at La Cite on Oct 22-23. There are a limited number of tickets available to our school board. Each ticket costs $200 at a bulk rate. Schools are being asked to pay $100 for each ticket. There is a great lineup of speakers and sessions. Take a look at the site. If you are interested let me know by lunch on Monday.
  • Deep Learning: Introduction to Deep Learning (open to all K-12 Educators/System Consultants/Learning Partners) has just been added today to the Learning Pathway in our Leading & Learning Journey offerings. If you are interested in this it is a great opportunity. Isabelle and Leanne were involved in this last year. Touch base with them if you are interested and want to know a little more about what it is all about. There is only space for 25 so you have to move fast.
  • Opportunity: Grades 4-6 Math Educators: Student Success is looking for  Grade 4-6 school teams to pilot a few tasks (in October) and do a very short review for an EQAO support resource created for EOCCC. Let me know if you are interested and I will facilitate this.
  • The Leading & Learning Journey is OPEN for Registration: This session directly supports educators in learning, teaching and leading mathematics. Making Space for Students to Think Mathematically (K-6) (4 Sessions)
  • Le Français à coeur 2016-2017 Responsive Teaching of Reading in an FSL ClassroomThe Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network of Eastern Ontario (EOSDN) is pleased to host  “Le français à coeur” conference to be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 in Kingston.   There is a follow-up session scheduled for Tuesday, April 4,  2017 in Kingston as well. The first 10 schools to register will secure their participation at the conference.The Elementary Student Success department would like to extend an Invitation to three FSL teachers (Gr. 1-6) at your school. The Department will cover the cost of registration and provide:
    • supply coverage for both teachers
    • transportation (Ottawa to Kingston, return)
  • The Entrepreneurial Adventure (EA), is in the process of accepting registrations. In the program, students      are engaged in a social and ethical entrepreneurial environment; students identify a cause or charity that    interests them, create a company that produces a product or service, market that product or service,  and finally donate all proceeds to the identified charity.more information please consult the Website and/or   Contact Betty Weil by email (bweil@thelearningpartnership.ca) or phone (613-513-8394).
  • Junior Achievement Program: (ONFE) Another great “free of charge” opportunity     with a focus on innovation for your grade 5 students. JA Business Basics (Grade 5) – This is an interactive      and engaging one-day program that introduces   Grade 5 students to the fundamentals of starting a     business and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur. Through key business concepts, such as creating a business plan, interview techniques and marketing strategies, students develop an understanding of how a business operates and generates a profit. and, if interested, submit the name of the 3 participating teachers by Thursday October 6th, 2016 to Chantal.soucy@ocsb.ca

Here is how the week is looking:


Tuesday: Picture Retake Day, Halloween Pep Rally 11AM,

Wednesday: Cross Country Meet

Thursday: Pizza Lunch

Friday: Christian Community Day

Want to visit St. George to have your students learn more about the church?
Msgr. Hans thought it may be a good idea to have the students learn more about our church. He has offered class visits and tours so to speak. I mentioned it may be a good idea for a class if they were already there at mass and then they could stay after for a few minutes. Please see his email below. If you are interested, let me know and I’ll get you in contact with him.
“Students at a/StG Catholic School should be familiar with the building and grounds of a/StG Catholic Church.

This means they should know the parts (altar, tabernacle etc) and layout (sanctuary, baptism area, confessionals, choir…) of a Catholic church in general, and of their church in particular,  like the shrine/icon of StGeorge in the staircase (with votive lights), the altar of Our Lady in the church, the baptism font and Holy-Oils ambry, the Stations of the Cross, the outside Shrine of our Lady (between church and rectory.
A church is both a place for communal worship, most importantly for celebrating the Mass, and for personal prayer.
For the latter, it is helpful to identify (in our church) the altar of Our Lady, the statues and images of Saints, with the candle stands, both in the church and in the St George Shrine under the stairs.
In other churches (e.g. St Patrick Basilica or Notre Dame, there are altars to the Sacred Heart, crucifixes etc.)
Small devotional practices and gestures are reminders of important aspects of our faith, e.g. blessing yourself with holy water as you enter/leave the church (a reminder of being baptised), genuflecting before you go into your pew (a reminder of Christ’s presence in the church/tabernacle), boys not covering their heads in the church (as it is a consecrated building). These are aspects of Catholic culture and identity.
A visit to the church outside mass time is in itself a good expression of the fact that it is not only an place to assemble for mass but also to pray privately. Any visit we make to a church should include an act of prayer or devotion.
In my perception, not all of these things can or should be covered in one visit, and it may depend on the students’ age and grade what to show/explain to them, and how.
But it would be important that over the course of their elementary school years they get to know the whole church building and its “furniture”.
It is also helpful if these things are explained to the students by their teachers, not only by clergy.
In our case, a visit to StG church could also include looking at the church hall and offices, and show the kids the location of the previous school site.”

Weekly Post: Sept. 26th – 30th


Great job on the Super Staff Mega Rally on Friday. The kids loved it and so did I. It is great to have them see all of us come together like that as a community. My voice will be gone for most of the weekend.

Monday morning a few of the teachers will be looking at NumberTalks. Here is the schedule with the guest teachers listed: Monday NumberTalks Schedule. We will meet in the new meeting room (old ESL room).

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: 8:30AM Kindergarten Meeting

Tuesday: Musical Performance at 9:45AM (whole school)

Wednesday: Boys’ Soccer Tournament



Thought I’d share this. I thought it was funny …….


Weekly Post: Sept. 19 – 23


All the time and effort that you all placed into last Thursday night paid off in a huge way. Parents were so appreciative and supportive of all of your hard work over the past two weeks. Everyone is certainly looking forward to this year. Thank you to all of you for putting that extra time n.

The ‘Engagement Schedule‘ is here and is posted under Files of Interest as well. This time can be used for co-teaching, guided reading, small group instruction in the classroom and support of our students that need it. If you for some reason do not need this support, I doubt that will happen, please see me for an alternate class that day. We are lucky to have this time and we have to make good use of it. It is also not fair to the other teachers who do not have this time if we do not maximize its use. Of course there could be some adjustments that need to be made, but this is a start.

Here is a link to our School Innovation Plan for Student Wellness – SIPsaw. Teachers: When you are doing your Annual Learning Plan I would ask you to do the following. Please link your ALP to the SIPsaw. This will help our entire school community move in the same direction with our teaching and learning.

On Wednesday we will also be doing the Cha Cha Slide together as a school at our assembly. If you do not know how to do it or teach it with your class, here is a video to help if you are looking for one. Please practice with your class as part of DPA over the next few days.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Lunch Program begins, practice Cha Cha Slide

Tuesday: Orientation Month Team Meeting at 8:45AM, School Picture Day 3-6, practice Cha Cha Slide

Wednesday: Staff picture 8:45 AM, School Picture Day K-2, practice Cha Cha Slide, Girl’s soccer, school assembly at 3PM

Thursday: cross country school meet in PM

Friday: 10AM Terry Fox Walk, Super Staff Mega Rally 2:45PM


Weekly Post: Sept. 12th-16th


It was a great first week. Busy, but a good week. I am sure that through your interactions with your students you saw glimpses of how they have been, as we are, sent to be the good news here at St. George School.

For this week we will still be supporting the kindergarten team with any extra time that you have in your schedules. For Monday, September 19th, there will be an Engagement Schedule in place to account for all of our instructional time.

Our Welcome Back BBQ is on the same night as our Program Night. The BBQ starts at 5PM and all staff will get a complimentary dinner at 4:45PM before the night starts.  More details to come!

Orientation Month Continues!

What do we have planned for this week? We have a glass panel activity where each homeroom will decorate a panel. Thanks to Dana we have the panels all ready to go, They are peel and stick, the same material we used on the ‘Door of Mercy’. These will be delivered to your rooms Monday morning.

Looking for ideas?

  • Find an image on the web, use your projector to trace it and have your kids fill it in
  • Podge (sic?) it! Perhaps with tissue paper.
  • Make a stained glass motif
  • Use permanent markers. The thick ones work best. I have a whole bunch of chisel chip Sharpies of various colours that you can borrow as well.
  • Can’t believe I am saying this …… use Pinterest……

Wednesday we have an assembly on school expectations. All staff prepare to share what your HOPE is for the school year. You will say your name and what your hope is. This is a good way for our students to put names to faces. Barb is not longer here to do her GRIT presentation. If anyone would like to jump in this is your opportunity. Please let me know.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: 8:30 AM Kindergarten Team Meeting

Tuesday: Standing Staff Meeting 8:30 AM, 10 AM Mass at St. George Church

Wednesday: School Assembly at 1:45PM

Thursday: 5PM Welcome Back BBQ,

Friday:  School Wide  BINGO 2PM

Important Files:



The First Week……


Ready or not ….. here we go.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for all of the hard work you have put into getting ready for this upcoming school year. It is much appreciated by everyone in our school community.

Tomorrow morning can you please just check your classless in PowerTeacher one last time as there have been some last minute changes and who knows what tomorrow morning will bring before the first bell of the year.

I have had to make a few changes to the duty schedule. Specifically to address the added primary classroom in the hall upstairs and the difficulty there was in supervising 5 classes last year and this year 6. Here is the latest version of the DUTY SCHEDULE.

HOPE FOR A NEW SCHOOL YEAR: What is your hope?

Please take a look at the video below. There is a Hope Board right by the staffroom that I would like to see what our hopes are for the year recorded. Please bring your class down with a marker for each child so that they can record their hope for this coming year. It would be great if staff did it as well so that students can model some of the responses.

This will be part of our Orientation Month. More information to follow on this!

Here is how the week is looking:

Tuesday: Raising of the flat at 10:20 in the front of the school grades 1-6

Wednesday: Primary assembly in the LC at 11:00 and juniors at 11:30

Thursday: Decorate your Den Activity

Friday: School Colour Day (red, blue and white)

Have a great first week everyone!






First Staff Meeting of the Year

Hi there everyone! Here is the agenda for the staff meeting tomorrow. If you like you can certainly take a look at it before the meeting.

We will begin something to snack on in the staffroom at 9:00 AM. Please take this time to catch up with your colleagues about your summer break and meet some of the news members of the St. George school community.

The meeting itself will begin at 9:30 AM in the Learning Commons.