Weekly Post: April 29th – May 3rd

First off, I hope that everyone is not experiencing any problems with the rising waters and the flooding around your homes. I know it has been challenging for many people, homes and families around the Ottawa area and even further.

At St. George we have not experienced any flooding in the school as we did in 2017. However, Pontiac Ave. is experiencing a back up from the Ottawa River and there is flooding around the school. The building itself is fine, and so is the schoolyard. There will be implications on the arrival of students taking the bus tomorrow morning. All of our school buses will be dropping off the students at the front of the school. The students will then be walking along the sidewalk and down the walkway by the parking lot into the back of the school.

I am hoping that maybe a couple of staff can put on their sashes and help out in the morning with the safe arrival of students at the front if you have time. There is a message going out to parents to not to park at the front of the school for drop off, and dismissal, tomorrow to allow for the safe arrival and departure of students. If you can help out, it would be most appreciated.

As information comes in, I will make sure to update you all.

Here is how the week is looking:

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: 11AM Lockdown Practice (will let you know if there is a change)
  • Wednesday: Swim Meet
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:




Author: slackt

Principal St. Jerome Catholic School

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