Weekly Post: Feb. 25 – March 1


What a great Kindness Week! Thank you to our committee for putting everything together and making it happen! What a great way to demonstrate #BeCommunity! From the Tuesday after school social, to the quilt, heart posties and bus driver appreciation, you did it all! Thank you from everyone here at St. George.

Coding Resources here at St. George:

We now have a pretty good selection of coding devices here at our school. Please see Lorraine in the LC for more info and if you want to sign some out head on over to the LC and sign them out.

Right now we have:

  1. Seven Ozbots
  2. 10 micro:bits
  3. 4 Sphero’s
  4. 4 BeeBots (in the mail)

Are you looking for coding resources?

Here is how the week is looking:

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: LD Workshop Part II
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Knights of Columbus AM, Winter Play Day PM
  • Friday: 11 AM Monthly Assembly (Faith)

Weekly Post: Feb. 19th – 22nd

Kindness Week clip art

I hope everyone enjoyed Family Day Weekend and took something that you would not normally get to do on a two day weekend.

It is Kindness Week and there are a few things planned for our school this week. Some of the items are: bus driver appreciation, Kindness Week Kick Off, student rock activity, Kindness Quilt and the Justice League is planning some things to recognize people around the school.

Feel free to tweet anything out that you have or see going on. Use the hashtags #sgeo, #sgeoKindness and #ocsb to get the word out there of all the amazing things going on here at our school.

Here is how the week is looking:

  • Monday: Family Day
  • Tuesday:  Kindness Week Kick Off after school, Gr. 4 & 6 XC Skiing
  • Wednesday: SEA Coach in AM
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: SEA Coach in AM

Weekly Post: Feb. 11th – 15th


Coding SGE

What a great day of learning on Friday! Hopefully for those of you that participated you took away some great ideas and were excited to try some new things in the classroom. I have ordered some more Ozbots, and Bee-Bots and mini-Sphero’s for those of you that want to some of this up and running in your classrooms. Please share with me what you are doing. I’d love to come in and see and take part.

Report Cards go home on Tuesday. You should have a copied letter to go home with your reports and I have included the Interview Letter below for your use.  Thanks for all of yuor time and effort on that everyone!

Just a reminder that there is a staff meeting on Tuesday AM. If you have anything for the agenda, please sent it my way by noon on Monday.

Here is how the week is looking:

  • Monday: SEA Coach in
  • Tuesday: Staff Meeting 8:15 AM, Kinder PLC, Report Cards go Home
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Valentines Day, SEA Coach in 1/2 Day
  • Friday:


Weekly Post: Feb. 4th – 8th


I hope you all like winter activities with all of this snow! Looks like it will warm up for a few days this week but all this snow may be here to stay.

Thanks to everyone for working so hard on the report cards and the IEP’s. When you have them printed off please send them down to the office. If you have not printed them off just yet can you please do them double sided.

PD Opportunities this Week

  • Cathryn Wake will be in the school all day on Thursday and if you have any questions or are looking for assistance, free to stop on by and have a chat with her.
  • Friday we have Audra Abromaitis coming in to work on ‘BeInnovative with Coding’ with staff. If you expressed interest you will find your name in the link. There are still two spots left if you are interested. Please let me know ASAP.

We have lots going on this week and here is how the week is looking:

  • Monday: Reports Due to the Office
  • Tuesday: Junior XC Ski Day
  • Wednesday: Junior XC Ski Day
  • Thursday: Cathryn Wake in
  • Friday: BeInnovative Coding Workshops, Knights of Columbus Free Throw