Weekly Post: April 23rd – 27th


Looks like the warmer weather has arrived just in time for Earth Day! It is a shortish week coming up with the PD Day on Friday. If you are a CUPE member, please make sure to complete the following form to let me know what you are planning to do on this day: CUPE PD Day April 27th

The agenda for the PD Day will be coming out later in the week. I am aiming for a 8:30AM start time. That way we can be done a little early in the afternoon.

Monday: Used Book Sale


Wednesday: Kinball Tournament, Administrative Professionals Day

Thursday: Assembly at

Friday: PD Day

What is going on this week for students? Check out: What Happening Today?


Weekly Post: April 9th – 13th

School vs Learning

Spring should be here later in the week. We are all hoping anyway!

We have a staff meeting this Tuesday. If you have any items please send them my way by noon on Monday.

Monday afternoon we will be celebrating Nicholas B. at the Celebrating Excellence Awards at St. Paul HS. We are very proud of him!

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Celebrating Excellence Awards 4PM St. Paul HS

Tuesday: 8:15AM Staff Meeting

Wednesday: Girls’ Basketball Tournament in the gym,

Thursday: 11AM Ben Vallati visit, EOCCC Conference

Friday: Earth Hour 1PM

What is going on this week for students? Check out: What Happening Today?

Weekly Post: April 2nd – 6th

Blocks MathFest

Hope you all had a great Easter!

What a great #sgeoMATHFEST! The students had a great time and I think the staff did as well. Thank you to each of you for embracing this initiative and a huge special thank you to the team that put it together: Toni, Leanne and Patricia.

Colleen says: “The games were fun because you got to do some math and make new friends.”

Jamison says: “I thought it was challenging because you had to make the numbers fit into 4 squares, but we did it!”

Don’t forget to do the Class Sports Equipment Survey with your homeroom. We can get these items ordered and in the classrooms ASAP!

Here is how the week is looking:


Tuesday: Welcome back Sandra Di!, Kinder Team Meeting 8:30AM


Thursday: Kindergarten Information Session in the staff room at 9:45AM, Easter Mass at Church 1:45,

Friday: Earth Hour 1-2pm

What is going on this week for students? Check out: What Happening Today?