Weekly Post: Feb. 20th – 24th



Kindness Week is here. It runs from Feb. 17th – Feb. 24th. Looking for ideas for Random Acts of Kindness? Click the link.

I also found this on the Internet and thought there were some good ideas on there. Maybe share with your class?


Our Love Assembly is this Wednesday at 1:30PM. You will find certificates in the staffroom Tuesday mid-morning for your students. It will be a little different this month as we will present the certificates for LOVE at the LOVE assembly. So pick a student(s) in you class that have been doing random acts of kindness or who have just been kind kids lately.

Our next Monthly Assembly is going to be on Friday March 3rd and the virtue we are going to focus on is FAITH. Thanks to Sherri and Sandra G. for signing up for this one. The remaining monthly assembly dates have been posted on the St. George Staff calendar.

Please find here the new Supervision Schedule that will run from Tuesday morning until April 28th.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Family Day

Tuesday: 8:30Am Safe and Caring School Committee Meeting

Wednesday: 1:30PM  Love Assembly

Thursday: Scholastic Book Fair

Friday: Scholastic Book Fair, John Dunn Arctic Explorer Presentation

Weekly Post: Feb- 10th


We had a busy week last week. Making pesto from our classroom gardens and welcoming the RedBlacks for the 2nd Annual SnowBowl! I know that all the students involved in those activities had a fantastic time. Thank you to those of you who made that possible.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Reports due to the office

Tuesday: Gr. 5’s XC skiing, Gr. 6 at ND, School Council at 6:30PM


Thursday: Winter Play Day PM


Weekly Post: Jan 30th – Feb 3rd


Just a couple of notes as we move into next week.

  1. Monday is a Report Card writing day. Teachers, use this day as you see fit to get your reports done and there is nothing scheduled for the day. Support staff that are in the school if you like you can have your work day begin at 8:30 and finish at 3:00PM.
  2. Teachers: just a reminder that as you are completing your IEP’s, the resource team is available to support you.
  3. I know that many teachers have been busy doing their PM Benchmarks in preparation for report cards. Here is the link to the PM Benchmark Wall to input the student results.
  4. Still looking to get your School Council funds? Last chance. Here is the link to the School Council Funds Request form.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: PD Day




Friday: new pizza order starts

Weekly Post: Jan.23rd – Jan. 27th


Not too much to report this morning, I hope that you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the mild weather. Looks like tomorrow we are back in store for another winter wallop. Make sure if the driving is bad tomorrow morning you take your time and arrive to school safely. All reports right now are that the drive is not looking good.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Knights of Columbus Free Throw competition in the gym in the AM

Tuesday: Shepherds of Good Hope Dress Down Day for all staff.

Wednesday: Grade 6 NET Retreat

Thursday: Looking at Pictures, Gr. 6 Information Meeting for Parents at Notre Dame

Friday: Looking at Pictures

Weekly Post: Jan.16th – 20th

Image result for january weather

The Christmas Holiday’s now seem like a distant memory and the next thing on the radar is Report Cards…… Some items of note:

  • If you have a student that has dropped a letter grade in a subject area, please make sure you have notified the parents before the report card goes home. No one wants any unpleasant surprises.
  • Any student who has experienced a drastic change in their Learning Skills from G’s to S’s or who is receiving an N, need to have their parents contacted before the report goes home to discuss the challenges their student is facing.
  • Speaking of Learning Skills: We are commenting on Independent Work and Organization for these reports.
                                        Links to Reporting Support Documents

    All updated resources can be found in the Portal under Student Success. The following documents are linked under the Assessment and Evaluation tab.

    Reporting and Testing Dates 2016-2017  (revised on June 21, removal of Kindergarten communication of learning, date change for Semester 2 IEP)

      FAQ’s Report Cards 1-8  (refreshed for 2016-2017)

      Report Card Comments 1-6 (refreshed April 2015)

      FAQ’s for Kindergarten Communication of Learning (Jan. 2017)

Items of Note:

           Google Read and Write: What does it look like for EQAO?

Questions to Consider….

Are students prepared? Have they been accessing digital content on a regular basis?

                                         Link to Overview Slide Deck

                                         Link to the EQAO OCSB Google Community


Arts Network Opportunity

“Creating Learning Environments that Inspire Collaboration & Creativity”

This Learning network will focus on creating safe learning environments that honour student voice while inspiring collaboration, creativity and risk-taking.

Each participant will be getting copies of The Space: A Guide for Educators & The Creativity Challenge

Space is limited to 10 schools with 2 junior teachers per school

This 3 day network begins on Monday February 6, 2016

Please see the following form for more details and to register. Successful applicants will be contacted by email.

* Please note that teachers do not have to be reporting on the arts to be able to participate in this network.

HR has asked that principals pass along this information to all staff:


    The 2014-2017 Collective Agreement outlines a new procedure for absences related to sick leave.   As per Article 6.00 h) “Proof of Illness” of the Central Agreement, medical confirmation is required to be provided for absences of 5 consecutive days or more.   The attached “OCSB Functional Abilities Evaluation Form” will be used for medical confirmation for any absence of 5 consecutive days or more.  A doctor’s note will no longer serve as medical confirmation for absences of 5 consecutive days or more.   Once the “OCSB Functional Abilities Evaluation Form” is completed, it should be forwarded to Human Resources to the attention of Rochelle Fowler, Employee Wellness Officer.


    The 2014-2017 Collective Agreement outlines a new procedure for absences related to sick leave.   As per Article 3.7.1 of the Central Agreement, the attached “Medical Certificate” is required for absences of 5 consecutive days or more.  A doctor’s note will no longer serve as medical confirmation for absences of 5 consecutive days or more.  As per the directions on the form, if you are totally disabled and will not be returning to work in the foreseeable future, your doctor will be required to complete Parts 1 & 2 only.  If you are able to return to work but will require accommodations, your doctor will be required to complete Part 3 and/or Part 4 in addition to Parts 1 & 2.  Once the “Medical Certificate” is completed, it should be forwarded to Human Resources to the attention of Rochelle Fowler, Employee Wellness Officer.

Here is how the week is looking:

Monday: Kindergarten Team Meeting in PM

Tuesday: Girls’ Badminton in Gym


Thursday: Boys’ Badminton in Gym

Friday: French Concert at 9:25AM for all students in the gym, Ben Valetti visit in AM

Weekly Post Jan. 9th – 13th

Welcome back and Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you had time to relax, rejuvenate and do some of the things that you wanted to during your time off.

This week is certainly not going to be like the last week leading up to the break.  It is looking very quiet.

There is a staff meeting on Tuesday morning and this meeting will be dedicated to our Social Emotional Learning Team who will be putting on a presentation dealing with a ‘Whole School Approach’ to social emotional learning here at St. George. The team need an hour with all staff, support and teaching staff. We will start the meeting at 8AM sharp. That way staff that have to be outside at 9AM can get the hour in and be out to meet our students.

Over the next couple of days, Tuesday and Thursday, there will be some contractors in looking at the building. They will be escorted around by board personnel. I am letting you know so that you are aware who these people are in the school around 3:00PM onwards. Some of them may need to enter the odd classroom.

Tuesday morning at 9:30AM, there will be some members of the St. George Parish coming to visit grade 3-6 classrooms. They are looking to start a children’s choir and will be speaking to the students for 5 minutes in each class. Please welcome them.

Here is how the week is looking:


Tuesday: Staff meeting at 8AM, St. George Parish Choir classroom visits




Weekly Post: Dec. 12 – 16

Image result for advent week 3

Thanks for the great Christmas Party! It was a great time and for those who were not there, we missed you!

A special congratulations to Jacqueline and Magda-Lena for their performances at the Advent Concert at St. George on Sunday. The voices sounded so very festive and everyone appreciated all of the hard work you both put into these two groups. Looking around the church it made me think about what a great community we are in. The church was packed with familiar faces.

There was tonnes of learning going on last week. From tennis right to non vertical learning surfaces! Peter Atkinson was here for a visit on Friday and he was blown away by all of the amazing things going on here at St. George. Thanks for all of your hard work.

We do have a staff meeting on Tuesday morning. If you have any items you would like on the agenda, please send them my way by Monday at lunch.

It also sounds like there may be some snow on the way. Make sure to drive safely and take your time if the driving conditions are poor..

Here is how the week is looking:


Tuesday: 8:15AM Staff Meeting


Thursday: Shopping Day

Friday: 9:45AM December School Assembly